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Assurance Total Protection is now part of the Trusted Choice network of independent insurance agents That means whether you need Business or Personal Insurance, Assurance Total Protection can tap into a national network of insurance carriers who will deliver the best insurance coverage at the best rate for you.

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Why Choose Local? +

When you Choose to Go Local you tap into a network of the most experienced insurance agents across the county who are experts in insurance, but more importantly know your local market because they live there.

We are a part of the Trusted Choice; the largest agent network in the United States with an estimated 36,000+ independent agencies across the United States in 2020, according to the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America’s (IIABA) 2020 Agency Universe Study.

That’s the kind of national coverage you can rely on.

Here’s 7 reasons why using an independent agent is a good idea:

Save money

Independent agents can shop for the best rates. You then can compare products and rates and choose the plan that best fits your budget while providing the coverage you need. Often, you can find multi-policy discounts and the option to use policies that work together to give you complete coverage.

Advocate for customers

As an independent agent, your representative can be your advocate when navigating the insurance market. Independent agents work for the customer, not a particular company. This becomes critical when filing a claim. Customers often get lost in the shuffle with large companies. Independent agents will work to make sure your claim process is a smooth one.

More options

Independent agents work with a variety of insurance companies to get you the best coverage at the lowest prices. Independent agents are not locked into one company’s line of products, which gives them the freedom to compare what’s on the market and tailor an insurance solution that meets your unique needs. Independent agents can often provide ways to cover potential gaps in coverage with the use of policies that work alongside insurance you already have.

Unbiased advice

Independent agents have the freedom to offer unbiased advice to clients, steering them away from companies or policies that do not serve their best interests. With multiple companies at their disposal, independent agents don’t have to play favorites. They can honestly look out for the customer.

The personal touch

Independent agents thrive on establishing themselves in the community and building long-term relationships with their clients. As your family grows and you mature in life your insurance needs will change. Your independent agent can grow with you. Independent agents understand the specific insurance risks that exist in your hometown and can help you provide a layer of protection against unforeseen disasters. When filing a claim, you will not be routed to a call center to wait in a queue. Instead, you will have your local independent agent with you every step of the way.

One-stop shopping

Our modern world is a complicated place with risks on every corner. An independent agent can offer one-stop shopping for all your insurance needs. Independent agents offer a variety of coverages to protect your home, car, business, and personal articles. They can also provide customized policies that protect your pets, classic cars, and anything else you value. All this at one convenient place.

Licensed and experienced

Your independent agent is licensed, trained, and has the experience to guide you through the insurance coverage landscape. Protecting your assets is a strategic investment. You don’t want to under insure, and you don’t want to over insure. Your independent agent will help you find coverage that fit your budget and provide the level of coverage you require. Whatever insurance needs you may have, whether personal or business, the professionals at Nationwide, Progressive and Assurance Total Protection can help you find a local solution.